LK 19 day Uganda Birding and wildlife Safari

LK Uganda Birding and wildlife Safari, 19 days  

Trip overview 

The 19 days Uganda Birding and wildlife Safari, we shall be able to cover some of the important Uganda’s birding habitats and have opportunity for wildlife experience, gorilla and chimpanzee tracking adventures. As per the birding safari, we shall move with one of our specialized birding guide to discover the amazing birds Uganda has to offer.

While on this trip, we shall visit the Mabamba Bay, Lake Mburo National Park, Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale Forest, Semiliki National park, Murchison Falls National Park- Kaniyo Pabidi, Budongo Forest – Royal Mile and Busingiro.  


Day 1: Arrival and transfer to your hotel

On your arrival at Entebbe Airport, meeting with our tour guide and transfer to the hotel for an overnight (If your flight schedule is day time, we could go birding in Entebbe botanical garden for the Orange weaver, golden backed weaver and other master builders of the Ploceidae family, superb sunbird, green hylia, bat hawk, and several garden birds exploiting this transitional habitat.

Distance: 10km

Medium range accommodation: The Boma Hotel Entebbe /Karibu Guesthouse (BB)

High accommodation: Lake Heights Hotel (BB)


Day 2: Mabamba Bay – Lake Mburo National Park

After our early breakfast depart to Lake Mburo via Mabamba swamp wetland. The highlight at Mabamba Swamp is a search for the prehistoric looking Great shoebill stork. Within the above swamp we also find some aquatic birds and marsh Harriers, if time allow search for the beautiful painted Pygmy goose. Afterward then proceed to have a stopover and at the Equator for Photo and experiment. Later, continue the drive to Lake Mburo of the park with the vast savannah dotted with acacia and shrubs, with aim of wildlife game viewing like Zebras, Topis, Warthogs, cape buffaloes and impalas among others. In the evening have a boat-cruise on the lake where can have chance of seeing the African finfoot and some of the native birds along the banks, and also some of aquatic animal like  Crocodiles, Hippos yawning and more birds.

Distance:  290 km

Medium range accommodation: Rwackobo Rock / Mburo safari lodge /Arcadia cottage (FB)

High accommodation: Mihingo lodge / Mantana Tented camp / (FB)

Day 3: Mburo National Park- Lake Bunyonyi

Today, we have an option for  early morning game  walk or  game drive, get up early focusing on the Rwizi track it’s a dense population of some rare birds here, Tabora cisticola, Crested barbet, Red headed weavers, cuckoo shrikes among other and also with chance , if lucky, to see Leopards, zebras, waterbucks, birds, buffaloes in there day break jungle life! Afterward with enroute  game viewing to exit the park with lunch stop within  Mbarara – target destination the Switzerland of Africa and then climb to a lake at 1800meters above sea level; Lake Bunyonyi. It has an area with superb rich views with small resident and exotic bird species singing in this coolest area in Uganda below 10C some nights! It’s also a rare Bilharzias free lake (You can swim).

Distance:  200 km

Medium range accommodation: Bird nest oversea / Bushara island rest camp (FB)

High accommodation: Bird nest / (FB)

Day 4: A free day by Lake Bunyonyi

Today we can have optional   activities: canoeing and visiting village islands, hiking on Bushara trail along. for close up with the resident birds that give the still lake its name, Tropical boubou, the loud calling Chubbs cisticola, and a visit to Nyombe swamp for the swamp hens, papyrus yellow warbler, Resident and exotic bird species singing.

Distance:  110 km

Medium range accommodation: Bird nest oversea / Bushara island rest camp (FB)

High accommodation: Bird nest / (FB)

Day 5: Lake Bunyonyi – Bwindi Impnetrable National Park

After your breakfast, we drive through the magical cultivated hills with the wonderful view of the Bwindi impenetrable forest, with the elevation of above 2100 meters with the Mist where the Gorillas live in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. As we check out some soaring buzzards, flocks of stuhlmanns starlings. We could assemble to head for the Mubwindi swamp for the highest concentration of the Albertin endemics aiming to grip on the African green broadbill, Fraser’s eagle owl, black billed turaco and Rwenzori batis In the evening we could track the calls of the Rwenzori night jar. This Impenetrable Forest is full of birds, butterfly and plant species plus forest hog; forest Elephants, Statungas and Dikers. 

Medium range accommodation: Buhoma Bandas / Gorilla Mist (FB)

High accommodation: / Mahogany spring / Buhoma lodge (FB)

Day 6: Gorilla tracking or birding in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Today’s activity shall be optional: Gorilla tracking or birding in Bwindi impenetrable forest (inform us of your choice when booking). We could do the Gorillas or drive descending through the impenetrable forest for the dusky crimson wings, African swees, the rare mountain wagtail and black billed weaver as we head to Buhoma for an evening walk to the waterfalls and enjoy a relaxed yet profitable birding in Bwindi on our favorite trail.

Medium range accommodation: Buhoma Bandas / Gorilla Mist (FB)

High accommodation: / Mahogany spring / Buhoma lodge (FB)

Day 7: Bwindi National park – Queen Elizabeth (birding within Ishasha sector)

Drive to Queen Elizabeth – Ishasha sector for the savannah birds, the top vulture of the region Lappet faced vulture, Africa`s most spirited eagle the Marshal eagle, larks, a try to check on the rare Dusky blue flycatcher on River ishasha and bonus to get the Lions high in the Fig tree branches. In the evening, have a drive in search for the resident Greyish eagle owl and Verreaux eagle owls. Afterward, drive to the northern sector of the park 

Distance:  150 km

Medium range accommodation: Bush lodge/ Kaseyi game lodge (FB)

High accommodation: Mweya safari lodge / Kyambura game lodge (FB)

Day 8: Queen Elizabeth National Park 

Early morning game drives experience in  the national park, with aim of seeing animal like  elephants, buffaloes, spotted hyenas, waterbucks, Ugandan kobs, and if lucky  lion and leopard . In the afternoon, take the most exciting 2 hours boat cruise on Kazinga channel, one of the most popular sites in Uganda for its concentration of wildlife and bird.  

Medium range accommodation: Bush lodge/ Kaseyi game lodge (FB)

High accommodation: Mweya safari lodge / Kyambura game lodge (FB)

Day 9: Full days activity within the park  

Queen Elizabeth National a park with over 606 bird species offers us great birding opportunities. We can take to the villages and explore the birds of the savannah along the rift valley in this area (Garden birds and species that like the cultivated area), plus the fishing villages for water birds after yesterday in the park. Along the kazinga channel, we can to try and find the Papayrus Gonolek and more others.

Medium range accommodation: Bush lodge/ Kaseyi game lodge (FB)

High accommodation: Mweya safari lodge / Kyambura game lodge (FB)

Day 10: Queen Elizabeth National Park 

Today, we start  with a morning drive through Queen Elizabeth looking out for what we might have missed the previous days of birding before we transfer to Kibale which has the highest concentration of primates in Uganda with 13 species. Depending on where we stay birding as we enter the forest is delightful looking out for the Black Bee-eater, Cassin’s Grey Flycatcher, Mountain Wagtail, Shining Blue Flycatcher, Red Chested Owlet, White-napped Pigeon, Dusky Blue Flycatcher, Green Crombec, Purple Banded Sunbird, Uganda Woodland Warbler, White Tailed Anti-thrush, African Emerald Cuckoo, Red Chested Cuckoo, Red Capped and Blue Shouldered Robinchat and many more bird species.

Distance:  157 km

Medium range accommodation: Chimpanzee Guesthouse / Kibale Forest camp (FB)

High accommodation: Primate Lodge / Papaya lodge (FB)

Day 11: Kibale National Park: chimpanzee tracking and birding

Kibale is home to 13 species of primates and there. This is where we have bigger chances of Chimpanzee tracking. Birding in the forest is also very rewarding and you could encounter White-naped Pigeon, African Gray Parrot, Black Bee-eater, Hairy-breasted, Yellow Spotted and Yellow Billed Barbet, Chestnut-winged and Purple-headed, Waller’s and Narrow Tailed Starlings, Blue-throated Brown and Superb Sunbirds, White-collared Olive back among others.


Medium range accommodation: Chimpanzee Guesthouse / Kibale Forest camp (FB)

High accommodation: Primate Lodge / Papaya lodge (FB)

Day 12: Birding within Kibale Forest and Bigodi

Our S birding safari will be around and within Kibale Forest. Key species include Green-breasted Pitta, Cabanis’s Greenbul, Yellow-crested Woodpecker, Red-chested Owlet, Crowned Eagle, White-naped, Afep and Olive Pigeon, Yellow-spotted Barbet, Crested Guineafowl, Western Nicator, Blue-throated Sunbird, Olive Sunbird, Green Sunbird, and Purple-banded Sunbird. After lunch we’ll head to the Bigodi Wetland, a papyrus and swamp forest. We hope to find such papyrus endemics as White-winged Warbler, White-collared Oliveback and Papyrus Gonolek. Amongst other species we may encounter along the 4 km trail are African Marsh Harrier, African Harrier-Hawk, Willcock’s Honeyguide, Grey Parrot, Black-billed Turacco, Yellow-billed Barbet, White-breasted Negrofinch, Brown-eared Woodpecker, Grey Greenbul, Red-faced Cisticola, White-chinned Prinia, Snowy-crowned Robin Chat, Black-and-white Shrike-flycatcher, Black-headed Paradise Flycatcher and Red-headed Malimbe

Medium range accommodation: Chimpanzee Guesthouse / Kibale Forest camp (FB)

High accommodation: Primate Lodge / Papaya lodge (FB)

Day 13: To Semuliki National Park

Depart to Semuliki national park via local markets and drive further north-west wards with the Rwenzori ranges (Longest in Africa) in view. Transfer through fort portal and arrive to the open area scanning for the Fiery breasted bush shrike and western banded snake eagles, as we sleep in the forest area of bumaga camp. Colored aviation creatures-butterflies various Bird species like the native Nkulengu rail, Yellow throated & western nicator at the camp showering us with the liquidating super call can be ticked off before going to bed, all in the environs of the forest can be viewed on a lucky day a lot of birds here too.

Distance:  150 km (about 4hours)

Medium range accommodation: Bumaga Camp Bandas (FB)

High accommodation: Semiliki game lodge (FB)

Day 14: A day of birding in Semulik National Park

Enjoy a full day of birding in Semuliki, with Kirumya trail, Semuliki ox-bow lakes, it’s a full day experience starting early for the region endemic as possibly Ugandas` number 1 spot an IBA with most congo-forest species stretching to this furthest eastern end! The newly spotted resident on Uganda`s list Akun eagles owl, Blue billed malimbe, western bronze napped pigeon, Maxwell`s black weaver, Congo serpent eagle, red-billed dwarf hornbill, African Dwarf kingfisher, the rare Capuchin babbler, red -thighed and long-tailed hawk are some mega ticks we are hoping to grip to with the smallest relative of the woodpeckers the African piculet a great attraction for our stay.

Medium range accommodation: Rwenzori View Guesthouse (FB)

High accommodation: Mountain of the Moon Hotel (FB) 

Day 15: Fort Portal – Hoima

Today we have a long drive, 5 hours, to cut off the distance tomorrow. Enjoy a couple of fruits during the drive and the pressure and fatigue is lessened with punctuation of stopovers at sceneries like tea plantations along the drive ways – typical African village setup in the far countryside offer us chances of stretching along the Forest reserves for Cuckoos, bee eaters and garden birds to boost our big list as we check in late afternoon.

Medium range accommodation: Hoima cultural hotel / Konticki Hotel (FB)

Day 16: Hoima – Murchison National Park

After breakfast, depart to Murchison National Park heading north along the Lake Albert and Rift Valley escarpment, with breathtaking panoramic sceneries. Afternoon, have 3hours Boat ride to the base of Falls where you get to see the Hippos (You have never seen more hippos yawning, Grooming in there Pods anywhere else than here- Believe me you)! Nile Crocodiles, Elephants and a variety of beautiful bird species along the banks. Top birds here is the Red throated bee eater with its beautiful displays on the river bank high cliffs, the Rock pranticole on the rocky tops after the crocodile bar, black headed batis, black headed gonolek, spotted morning thrush, beautiful sunbird among the active birds around before dark and the just before dinner we could try to check out for the Spotted eagle owl cliffs.

Distance:  150 km (about 4hours)

Medium range accommodation: Murchison River Lodge/ Kabalenga Wilderness (FB)

High accommodation: Paraa Safari lodge / Baker’s lodge (FB)

Day 16: Murchison Falls National Park

Start early to game drive on the broad savannah for the most likelihood big cats hunting, Elephants, Giraffes, Buffalos, plus more as the checklist of mammals reaches 76. We continue browsing the drive circuits to the delta point for a cocktail of birds and mammals. In the afternoon we could take hike along the top of the falls for Pels fishing owl chance, the bat hawk, as we buy time to see if we can see the long tailed night jars, standard winged night jars and African scoops owl which are active after dark.

Medium range accommodation: Murchison River Lodge/ Kabalenga Wilderness (FB)

High accommodation: Paraa Safari lodge / Baker’s lodge (FB)

Day 17: Murchison National Park

Today, after our breakfast, depart to Budongo Forest via the top of falls, the magnificent classic highlight on our second day in this Great Animal home! The efforts will be intense on the Kaniyo Pabidi area, known in East Africa for Puvel’s Illadopsis.  Much of the day to try and find a good mix of widespread species and more local specialties such as Crested Guineafowl sporting their “punk hair-do’s”, White-crested Turaco, Chestnut-crowned Eremomela, Yellow & Grey Longbills, Olive-bellied Crombec, Yellow-browed Camaroptera, Little Green Sunbird, Crested Malimbe and Red-headed Bluebill among others. Here are many other special birds with a West African origin: White-thighed Hornbill, Green-breasted Pitta, Rufous-sided Broadbill, Blue-breasted, Dwarf & Chocolate-backed Kingfishers, Yellow-crested & Brown-eared Woodpeckers, Yellowbill, Western Black-headed Oriole, Yellow-spotted, Hairy-breasted & Yellow-billed Barbets, Green Hylia, Buff-throated, Black-throated & Black-capped Apalises, Black-eared Ground-Thrush, Rufous-crowned Eremomela, the elusive Lemon-bellied Crombec, Crested & Red-headed Malimbes various forest starlings among others. This wide range is also habitat of primates such as Blue & Red-tailed Monkeys and Black and white Colobus – and sometime if lucky Chimpanzees (the area is known as home to Uganda’s largest population of Chimpanzees).

Medium range accommodation: Budongo Eco Lodge

Day 18: Budongo – Kaniyo Pabidi Forest – Masindi Uganda

After an early breakfast we bird to Masindi. Bird watching safari to Budongo Forest – Royal Mile and Busingiro. To maximize on our chances of seeing the rare skulking birds, we have two days birding the Royal Mile and Busingiro. On both days we begin birding at dawn. Key bird species for the two sections include: Blue Breasted, African Dwarf and Chocolate-backed Kingfisher, Brown-eared and Yellow Crested Woodpecker, Dusky long-tailed Cuckoo, Crowned Eagle, Forest and Chestnut Capped Flycatcher, Rufous Flycatcher-Thrush, Yellow-browed Camaroptera, Narina Trogon, , Chestnut-capped Flycatcher, Chestnut-crowned Eremomera, White-spotted Flufftail, Yellow and Grey Longbills, Olive-bellied Crombec, Black-headed Paradise Flycatcher, Little Green Sunbird, Green Sunbird, White-Breasted Negrofinch, Western Black-headed Oriole, Dusky Long-tailed and African Emerald Cuckoo, Red-tailed Ant-Thrush, Yellow and Grey Longbill, Forest Robin, Scaly-breasted Illadopsis, Tit Hylia, Lemon Bellied Crombec, Rufous-crowned Eremomela, Yellow-mantled Weaver, Yellow-browed Camaroptera, Green Crombec, Crested Malimbe and Red-headed Bluebill, Cassin’s Hawk Eagle, Xavier’s, Ictrine, Slender-billed, White-throated, Spotted, Plain Greenbul, Spotted and Toro Olive Greenbul.

Medium range accommodationMasindi / New Court View

Day 19: Budongo – Kaniyo Pabidi Forest – Masindi Uganda

Breakfast, transfer to Kampala/Entebbe. Plan for a late evening flight or add an extra night to fly the next day as we have finished our safari of Uganda’s birding paradise.

Distance:  350 km (about 5hours)

Note: Accommodations shall be based on client selection (high, Medium or low budget. All lodges have self contained rooms and are selected as per the interest of the client.


Below price is per person sharing

The tariff includes:
Airport transfers

Full board accommodation with meals mentioned  

Ground transportation in modified safari car
English speaking Driver with specialized birding guide
Entrance fees to the national park and other sites on the itinerary

Local government taxes

The tariff does not include:
Air ticket.
Tourist insurance health insurance
Entrance visas: Uganda 50 USD directly from Entebbe International Airport

Optional activities, $ 600 Gorilla or $150 chimpanzee permits per person per tracking

Personal natures and tips

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