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We are a team of professionals, with very high respect to our country, ecosystem and our beloved partners in the tourism fraternity.

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Unforgettable SAFARI Experiences for Every Budget

We do recognize that people are the most important asset. Our main interest is to work none but the most passionate, knowledgeable happy and professional people in our field for the value and satisfaction of our customers.  

  • - Total support in each small detail from planning to acomplishing
  • - Experienced team in every part of the way
  • - Exclusive design packages
  • - Best value for your investment

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Plane Travel

We help you with all your plan travels, visas and anything else you need. We will offer you a step by step of a Safari, with details in the best places to visit, to stay, the best colors to use for the forest trips and also a complete guide on the health side of your trip. You sure can count on us to have the best support.


We will pick you up at the airport and make sure that you and your family or group feels like home.


We use a awide range of Accommodation options and safari providers,from adventurous tented camps to luxurious safari lodges,and our ability to do this is based entirely on our extremely in -depth knowledge of the regions in which we specialise,and of the safari industry in general


We will support your necessities offering many different options to know the local culture


All our guides are english speaking professionals and experienced guides. This will guarantee that your trip will be full of ancient knowledge about the histories and traditions of the African area you chose to visit. At Lionking Safaris our team makes sure that your experience is always unique and complete.


If you didn't bring all the equipment you need to register your trip, we will provide you means to have it.



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