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Mountain Rwenzori national park is a great landscape protected by the Rwenzori mountains popularly known as the mountains of the moon, the national park has a remarkable number of animal species some of which are restricted to the area, it is ranked more for its flora than the animals it passes through a series of […]
Mount Elgon national park is located in the eastern part of Uganda stretching to an area of 1145 square kilometers, it is named after the extinct volcano mountain Elgon situated at 4321m high above sea level its highest peak being Wagagai. The physical feature is tucked between Uganda and Kenya occupied by two indigenous tribes […]
The Uganda equator is found in Mpigi district along the Kampala-Masaka Road it is a great fun time stop over where most people love taking pictures at the monuments with legs apart one in the southern and the other in the northern hemisphere. The imaginary line divides the world into two halves at 0 degrees […]
Uganda is a small country in the heart of Africa blessed with nature, it is popularly known as the pearl of Africa recorded are a diversity of 1008 species some of which are endemic to the country, the diverse habitats in Uganda make it richest in species number. birding destinations include the Budongo, queen Elizabeth […]
Mountain gorilla is a critically endangered species listed on the IUCN red list found in Uganda, Rwanda, and the democratic republic of Congo, mountain gorilla’s gorilla belingei are herbivorous primates feeding on plants like mimlopsis, mushrooms and sometimes termites, they live in groups of up to 20 individuals in a family, the male silver backs […]
Chimpanzees in Queen Elizabeth national Park are only found within the Kyambura gorge a beautiful chamber also known as the valley of apes, situated in the far Eastern corner of the national Park in South Western Uganda. Queen Elizabeth national Park is the second largest after Murchison falls national Park known for tree climbing lions, […]
Kidepo valley national park is found in Uganda’s most remote corner to the north east situated between Kenya and Sudan, kidepo valley is the most isolated national park ranking among Africa’s top wilderness, it covers an area of 1442 square kilometers extending through the large savannah stretching towards the outlined mountains at a distance transected […]
Kampala is the capital city of Uganda situated on seven hills, it was originally home to impalas in the past from which it gets its name Kampala, the city has an amalgamation of cultures from all parts of the country but the native tribe are the Baganda who happen to be having the richest traditional […]
Murchison falls national park is located in the northern part of Uganda along the edge of the Albertine rift valley, it is the first conservation area to be gazette and largest protected area of the country covering a space of 3840 square kilometers. It was originally gazette in 1926 as a wildlife game reserve and […]
The best backpack for Gorilla tracking After all, bookings have been made, there is one thing that can tarnish your great safari from being an unimaginable experience. Having secured your Uganda gorilla trekking permit, accommodation and transport – it is vital to consider what you are going to pack, as incorrect clothing can spoil the […]

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