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Isikot Jackline

Director Human resources / administration

Undertook further professional education at Career Institute (IATA) and Kampala University, where she was awarded Diploma Certificate in Tourism (IATA) and degree in Leisure Tourism and Hotel Management.

With a degree in Leisure Tourism and Hotel Management, as well as with additional experiences in other area where she earned professional certification with IATA among others and so many related training in field of operation management, she is in charge of the human resources / reservation management.

“We always ensure that, when we make a tour for a customer, there is some sort of life-changing experience … These investments have contributed to economic diversification and sustainable growth and boosted the travel and hospitality sectors while generating much-needed jobs, foreign currency, and tax revenue.“

Her contribution to the success of the company stretches much further than the day-to-day operation. She distinguishes Lionking safaris from the many other tour operators by the company’s focus on a highly personalised service, with great importance placed on contact with the clients. Her responsibility covers tours products within Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania as our travel destinations; on top of her senior position of Human Resource.

Before Lion king Safaris, she has worked for several organizations and here she is to help in supporting the community of Africa by selling tourist product to promote development of African citizens and the nation at large. 

Jackline believes that tourism is a strong driver of development and can make a significant contribution to moving the development agenda forward.

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