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Onono Gideon Okot

 Spanish guide

Gideon is from Kitgum, northern Uganda, close to Murchison Falls and Kidepo valley   National Park; he spent all of his childhood neighborhood wildlife. He grew up in the conservation zone and developed enthusiasm for wildlife and nature and from an early age.

He is from Acholi tribes, one of the traditional rich cultures that share a lot of their cultural heritage with the other of Northern Uganda. … Many Acholi continue to live in round, thatched mud houses in traditional fenced villages. The women are agriculturalists, growing a range of food crops, while the men look after livestock; with the above background, making Gideon knowledgeable in local sites and traditions.

We care about our interactions with our team, customers, and what we create and do for them. Always we do listen attentively to understand our colleagues, customers and partner’s points of view. In this line, treat our colleagues, customers and partners with compassion and respect.”

He completed his secondary school from Jinja Senior Secondary School, and undertook the further education at Universidad De Matanzas, Cuba; where he was awarded degree in Agronomy/Agriculture (Ingienero Agronomo).

Later he decided to further for a diploma in Spanish Language (“Camilo Cienfuegos “Language School, Cuba) and follow by another   Diploma in Tourist guiding & hospitality management (Tourism institute of East Africa).

He also spent many times, working with Kitgum District Local Government helping and promoting food safety crops production program: Northern Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS). Gideon commitment in this position as NAADS Coordinator was a key success to the government program within the northern Uganda.

Gideon is a professional guide and now with many years of experience, his language abilities include English, Swahili and Spanish

Gideon has an incredible amount of practical knowledge gained from hands on experience in the field and later on he decided on his personal interest to join Uganda guide association.  Since that time he has endeavored to increase his guiding skills and knowledge, attained his professional guiding certificate from Tourism institute of East Africa.  He began guiding in the early 2013 and his depth of knowledge and skill is apparent from the first point of meeting.

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