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Uganda is a beautiful country blessed with plenty of forest and wood lands they make up an ever-green cover for the country all throughout the year especially the tropical rain forests. The forest cover to an estimate approximately 4.9 million hectares and are important in so many ways, they are natural habitats for wildlife, Rainfall formation, fuel for mankind. The following are conserved forest in Uganda most of which contribute positively to the tourism industry.

Budongo forest is also knownas mahogany forest the whole of east Africa, featuring 9 primate species that include the chimpanzee, 26 mammals and over 300 species of butterflies found in the northern part of Uganda Murchison falls national park the largest and oldest conservation area of the country. Other primates that can be sighted like the red-tailed monkey, black and white colobus monkey, baboons among others.

Mabira forest is one of the surviving rain forests in central covering an area of approximately 306square kilometers, along the Kampala Jinja highway home to 23 mammal species, 312 species of trees the forest is a survivor it has faced a lot of human activity like cultivation, settlement, travelers can participate in activities like nature walks, picnics and camping, research site, biking and an overall forest exploration.

Kibale forest has the largest forest cover in Uganda one of the most beautiful tropical rain forest in the country it is a place to a number of forest wildlife mostly the 13 primate species which include the chimpanzee, other animals are present but very shy they are rarely seen the forest covers the central and northern parts of the raised fort portal plateau.

Maramagamboforest lies in the western part of Uganda in Bushenyi district and is part of the queen Elizabeth national park, it is a good destination or hiking and nature walks its home to 7 primate species for example the l’hoest monkey, baboons, red tailed monkey, blue monkeys, vervet monkey and a variety of bird species like white napped pigeons, Rwenzori turaco, forest fly catchers among others

Bwindi forest lies in south western Uganda in Kanungu district in south western part of the country, it is along the edge of the Albertine rift valley a thick forest with thickets of bamboo, it is home to more than half population of the endangered mountain gorillas’ other primates that can be found here include l’hoest monkey, baboon, red tailed monkey, black and white colobus monkey among others

Mpanga forest is a central natural forest with unique flora, different tree and plant species boosting with a big number of bird species, butterflies and moths. Activities that take place within this forest include nature walks and forest exploration, bird watching, primate watching, above all it I a well-developed forest with proper forest trails.

Mountain Elgon foresthas the largest volcanic base in the world along the Uganda Kenya border cover with thick bamboo forest, the forest is home to over 300 bird species large mammals including elephants and buffalos like here though they are rarely seen.

Rwenzori forest This forest is surrounding the Rwenzori mountains popularly known as mountains of the moon, it’s remarkable for its flora rather than the fauna animals are present but rarely seen for example the elephants, buffalo, giant forest hogs, it is home to over 241 bird species 19 of which are endemic

Echuya forest is known asbamboo forestlocated in Kisoro district it has for long been home tothe batwa(pygmy) and is overlooking the Virunga mountains in all the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic republic of is among the few remaining tracts of tropical rain forest in the country and a best birding destination.

Bugoma forest is located in Hoima district, a tourism reserve keeping primates, reptiles, butterflies, birds and a good number of tree species some of which are endemic to the Bugoma forest

Kalinzu is located in western Uganda near queen Elizabeth national park it is a nice destination for chimpanzee home to 6 primate species, the forest hosts more than 400 tree species, reptiles, butterflies, birds and moth’s chimpanzee tracking can be done in the forest, nature walks, birding safaris.

Kasyoha-Kitomi forest reserve is in bushenyi district south of lake George and the Kazinga channel covering an area of about 433 square kilometers it is home to primates including chimpanzee, blue monkey, red-tailed monkey, black and white colobus monkey, beautiful crater lakes, waterfalls, birds, reptiles, butterflies and moths. Activities within this forest include, bird watching, sightseeing, camping and community walks among others.

Lutoboka and bujunsi forest reserve the two forests interlink by the shores of Lake Victoria at the Sese islands with well-developed forest cover the area is endowed with birds, butterflies, and primate’s monkeys in particular while at the forest, one can engage in boating, sailing, bird watching, fishing, primate identification, sunbathing along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Sango-bay forest reserve is located on the shores of Lake Victoria in Rakai district the only extensive swamp forest in Uganda, it is home to the Sango-bay swamp and Kagera swamp acting as important water catchment area 331 species of vascular plants do exist here water birds, elephant’s primates like the black and white colobus monkey and blue monkeys. It is also a good breeding area for fish.

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