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Richard was born and raised in Western Uganda, at the foot of the Mountains of the Moon, Kabarole district, within Fort Portal town, in Tooro kingdom – the capital gateway to some of the most beautiful sceneries and unique environment in Uganda that nature has to offer on earth giving access to numerous crater lakes, hills, mountains, endemic fauna and flora, and one of the most beautiful, serene and hospitable people you can find, the Batooro that comprise the majority of the population.

He spent all of his childhood neighbourhood wildlife (Kibale, Semiliki, Toro game reserve, Rwenzori Mountains and Queen Elizabeth National park). He grew up in the conservation zone and developed an enthusiasm for wildlife and nature and from an early age.

He is a committed and self-motivated person who believes in teamwork and performance-focused to deliver quality work to an organization as well as advance his career. He possesses organizational and interpersonal skills, writing and presentation skills showing eagerness to learn work experience in an international environment. And he has the capacity to work in an environment with many cultures.

Due to his passion for conservation, after his primary and secondary level, he joined the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka –Tanzania; one class representative in CAWM, Tanzania and Student’s Supervisor under ICT Department CAWM, Tanzania all where he successfully completed many Diplomas in Wildlife Management and other related fields.

Richard started guiding in 1995 and worked for years in conservation with Uganda Wildlife Authority within different protected area management that includes Semuliki and Kibale National Parks, participating in many fields: research and Monitoring for Data collection, Chimpanzee Habituation, visitor handling, Animal Censuring Project, JGI among others. Before joining us in 2016 as a tourist driver-guide, he has added to his training and professionalism: tour guiding training in hospitality and visitor handling by the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage; Training in National level Bird guiding by MUBFS, USAGA; Specialized Training Course in Bird Identification and Guiding by Uganda Wildlife Authority; Training in tour guiding and visitor handling by UTB, KCCA; 74th Anti-Terrorism and Tourists protection, Cairo Police Academy, Egypt and advanced certification in professional guiding from Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA). 

He has put his passionate interest in wildlife and experience caring for clients together to become an excellent all-round guide and is often chosen as the lead guide for our larger safari groups.

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